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Sativa - 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

  • Aroma: Gassy, Sweet, Floral
  • Bud Size: Small
  • Effects: Peaceful, Curious, Focus
  • THC: 24.5%   CBD:  0.1%

A very potent Sativa, Tropicana is often compared to being the "cocaine of marijuana" from the instant energy you will feel after smoking this strain. You will feel its effects deep in the back of your head, and will wake you up from any drowsiness you may feel. This energizing effect will soon be replaced by feelings of relaxation and focus, which can be helpful to finish any work projects that you may be struggling with or rather just for a chill and relaxing session of video games. This strain is perfect for any environment and will never disappoint with its relatively high THC percentage.

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