Jack Herer




Sativa: 75% Sativa - 25% Indica

  • Aroma: Orange, Lemon, Pine, Sweet
  • Bud Size: Medium
  • Effects: Energetic, Peaceful, Creative
  • THC: 24.66% CBD 0.1%

Jack Herer is a Sativa leaning hybrid produced by the famous Sensi Seeds in the late 80's. This renowned sativa strain is famous among sativa strains and has been used in many, many new progeny around the marijuana world. Jack Herer is named after a lifelong cannabis activist who played a huge part in educating the work about marijuana. Jack is one of the reasons why marijuana has made so many strides in terms of legalization and decriminalization around the world.

At first, this strain brings along an energizing headrush but without the dizziness and disorientation that normally tags along. As time progresses, the high will become more physical and will bring a numbing feeling along your joints, but will rarely become immobilizing. This will lead to a feeling of ease and calmness, so it should spark creativity that can be used for both productivity and/or enjoyment!

The Bud that Jack Herer produces are typical for a quality sativa. The Buds are very dense and have a very green and leafless look to them. This green look is complemented by the many pistils (the little orange hairs) that are present throughout the bud. This beautiful bud is also accompanied by the amazing aromas that are produced by the strain. When first opening your bag of kush, an overpowering smell of lemon and citrus will fill the room, because of how dank this kush is. Although overpowering at first, you will begin to adjust to the scent and more tones will come along such as the woodiness and pine. The smell and appearance of this weed should not be taken for granted.

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