Produced by Buddha Craft Boys

Hybrid: 50% Sativa - 50% Indica

  • Aroma: Sweet, Earthy, Tangy
  • Bud Size: Medium
  • Effects: Uplifting, Happiness, Stress-Relief
  • THC:  25.78%   CBD:  0.1%

    Loudcakes is a very mysterious strain in the cannabis world. The strain was created in the late 2010's but never gained traction because of its long and inconvenient cultivation process; but once grown, this strain is godly. The tasty flavours of nutty pine and sweet fruits will balance each other out and before you notice you will be in a blissful state of euphoria and pleasure. The strain has a solid THC percentage of 25-26% and will leave you in awe of it's smooth and heavy hitting smoke. Don't miss out on a chance to try this relatively unknown strain.

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