Recovery CBD Tincture 750mg


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As you get older, your body takes longer to get back to feeling 100% again. Do you find that your body is aching more from a hard workout or hike than it used to? No sweat! We’ve created our Boost CBD Recover Tincture to help your body heal efficiently.

The bergamot we add to our tincture helps your body deal with inflammation and can help soothes those aches and pains. There’s no reason to suffer when you don’t have to! Try our Boost CBD Recover Tincture and get back to what you enjoy most in life without inflammation getting in the way.

We use a lab-tested CBD isolate with NO THC, so you can enjoy your tincture without worrying about unwanted effects.

  • 750mg CBD per 30ml bottle | 25mg CBD per dropper
  • Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, CBD Isolate, Natural Flavours (Lemon, Lavender)
  • Recommended Usage: Place a full dropper under your tongue once a day and hold for a minute. Repeat as necessary. 
  • Recommended Dosage: Dosage has many variables, including age, weight and gender, but we recommend starting with a dosage of 25 mg (one dropper) and if no relief is felt, stepping that dosage up by 15 - 25 mg until the desired relief is achieved.
  • Aroma/Flavour: Citrus