How to Order

1. Add to cart and checkout

Browse our menu and add products to your cart. Keep in mind, we have a minimum order for delivery depending on your address. Delivery is Free!

Delivery service area

2. Submit your Photo ID

After placing your order, provide photo ID by sending a photo to 
or by text to 604-373-9469

We only ask this once for first time customers.

3. Send Interact e-Transfer*

(not needed if paying Cash on Delivery)

  1. Log into your online or mobile banking app.
  2. Create a new contact.
  3. Enter the amount, security question and password. 

NOTE: Please don’t use Buddy or Weed as the name when saving our contact on your e-transfer list or in the secret question. Please do not mention cannabis or anything cannabis related when sending the e-transfer.

Recipient Name: Order Payments
Secret Question: What city?
Secret Answer: vancouver

*If Paying by Cash, please leave a note in your order letting us know if any change will be needed!

4. Sit back and relax!

Once we receive your Photo ID and e-Transfer, we'll be on the way! You will receive a text from your Buddy Driver with an ETA. Expect the delivery to arrive within the hour.

If you have any questions, contact us by call, text or email at 604-373-9469,

Use code BUDDY for 10% off at checkout!