Top 10 Spots to Smoke Your Next Joint At (Vancouver Edition)

Top 10 Spots to Smoke Your Next Joint At (Vancouver Edition)

Dec 06, 2022Buddy Delivery

Vancouver is quickly becoming one of the cannabis hotspots of the entire world. With our top quality BC bud, beautiful scenery and our loose regulations, it is no doubt that cannabis is a huge part of the culture here in the Lower Mainland. A huge part of this growth can be attributed to our amazing scenery and unbeatable nature. To celebrate the growth of the canna culture in Vancouver we put together a list of 10 beautiful spots to enjoy a joint with your friends, and we recommend you try at least one, if not all of these fascinating spots.


  1. Granville Island

A staple of Vancouver culture, Granville Island is a spot with so much life to it. Whether you want to chill in the sun on the hill at Ron Basford Park, or have a tasty treat at Lee’s Donuts, the island will have something for everybody. The only reason this ranks so low is it may be difficult to find a lowkey spot to smoke your joint as the island is quite busy.

 This makes the park perfect for a night-time smoke as many of the young children and families will be home already. We recommend walking around the public market or if you're up for it, taking a ride on a Jet Ski around False Creek (just be sure you aren’t too high and be safe.)


  1. New Brighton Park

New Brighton Park is a chill and modest park located on the south coast of the Vancouver Harbour. There is nothing too special about this park aside from a cute small beach and a cool view of some industry plants located around Vancouver but is still a worthy spot if you're looking for a place that stays relatively quiet even during some of the hotter days of the summer.


  1. Stanley Park

We had to add Stanley Park into this list as it is easily the most famous park in Vancouver. With endless trails to explore, you will never run out of new places to find. If you enjoy doing activities after smoking, we recommend you rent a bicycle and bike the Seawall after finishing your joint.


  1. Cannabis Culture Lounge

The Cannabis Culture lounge is a classic stoner spot and will be for years to come. Cannabis Culture offers two floors of potential smoke spots and can even provide an apparatus for you to enjoy your cannabis with! 


  1. Capitol Hill Lookout

Albeit this spot is in Burnaby, it is less than a 5 minute drive from the PNE and offers a beautiful view of downtown Vancouver, and the Granview-Woodland neighbourhood. It lets you choose whether you want to sit inside your car or on the benches as the view is accessible from either spot. We recommend visiting at night as the city lights only help to exemplify the views.\


  1. Wreck Beach

A notorious Vancouver spot, Wreck beach is a great spot for a beach walk with a joint in your hand. You will need to be prepared to see a stranger naked because as you may know this is a nude beach, but don’t let this deter you from the mellow and inviting vibe that isn’t replicated anywhere in the city.


  1. Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon is an amazing park that offers hours of exploration and an endless amount of joint smoking spots. It does get pretty full on hot days and tends to have plenty of families but these can be avoided with a quick walk onto a lesser popular path. Be ready to take in the breathtaking nature that this place holds and if you’re looking for a more intense experience try cliff jumping at pool 99.


  1. Jericho Beach

Jericho is hands down the most beautiful beach in Vancouver. It does get very busy and can be challenging to find parking but the spot is well worth it. With views stretching from downtown Vancouver all the way to Lighthouse Park, your eyes will never be bored. Bring lots of water as you will most likely experience some intense cottonmouth if you come here on a sunny day, but if you prepare properly, there isn't much that tops this wonderful beach.


  1. Lighthouse Park

Located in West Vancouver and only a 25 minute drive from downtown Vancouver, Lighthouse Park offers many different views and as you may have guessed, a very cool lighthouse to explore. Perfect during any weather, Lighthouse park is one of the more famous spots in Vancouver mostly because of the almost 280 degree views of the Burrard Inlet and the Howe Sound. 


  1. Cypress Lookout 

With views of almost the whole Lower Mainland, the Cypress Lookout is like doing a hike, but without all the work and sweat. It almost feels like cheating. This spot is best during the night as you can see how “alive” our city truly is. We recommend everybody to try this view at least one because of how easy it is to get to and how amazing the view looks, especially after a nice fat joint.

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