It's a question that stoners have been debating forever because of the two polarizing effects of both types of cannabis strains. At Buddy, we believe that the answer purely relies upon the person who is asking it. Now why is that?

Both genotypes have their own characteristics that can either help or hinder your needs and wants from marijuana, and today we are going to delve into what these differences are, and how you can use these differences to help better your highs.



Indica brings a full-body high which invokes a deep relaxation of your muscles and relief of any bodily aches. This relief of physical stress will then be accompanied by drowsiness which can help relieve insomnia and tone-down your mind from any overthinking. Subsequently, you will feel very fatigued which makes Indica much better for late-night and low-energy situations. Indica where the classic stereotype of a stoner comes from. I'm sure everybody has seen the anti-cannabis videos where a stoner is "stuck" on the couch doing nothing other than eating a couple bags of potato chips, and although this isn't completely untrue, it can happen to some. Smoking Indica will tend to bring you closer to your "lifestyle" but in a lazier way if that makes sense. So for example, if you are a person who sits on the couch while sober, not much will change when baked, but conversely, if you are somebody who enjoys being active and going for runs, smoking some Indica may encourage you to go for a walk through the park instead! In the end though, everybody will feel the effects differently and I even know of some who will smoke Indica before they go to the gym to help them focus on their workout and bring a level of intensity that they wouldn't have had otherwise.



Conversely, Sativa brings a head-high which encourages the mind to relieve any mental stressors and increases your attentiveness to detail. Being clear-minded helps to reveal more creative parts within your mind and brings a more uplifting and euphoric mental state. This increased mental state allows your mind to flourish in more detailed and high-energy situations. Sativa is generally a strain that is best suited for completing a task you need to get done, or for going to a party where you need to bring a "high" level of energy. Because of the added focus you will receive, it almost feels like a very weak version of Adderall, where you will still be able to sleep at the end of the night. For example, cleaning your living space can be one of the easiest things to do after smoking sativa, just simply put on some headphones and get to work, and by the time you notice, you will be cleaning things you never even knew were dirty. Sativa is better for use during the morning or early afternoon, to keep you energized throughout the day.

The answer?

Indica will always be the most classic, but both play their specific role in a daily routine. Sativa is useful to help focus during high-stress environments, and Indica is better to help relax and unwind after a long day. Any seasoned stoner knowns that they both can play a different role in your daily life, but we recommend testing out both strains in different situations as everybody will be effected in different ways. The only thing we recommend if for beginners to avoid smoking Indica before a very social setting where you may be meeting new people or people you are not very close with as this may lead to a "bad trip" and paranoia.

All in all, both genotypes are pretty amazing in their own ways, at Buddy, our favourite will always be Sativa for its ability to energize us, and allow us to complete any work that may need an extra level of creativity (I am high right now :).

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