Have you ever wondered what the most famous (or infamous) cannabis strain of all time is? It is definitely a high thought that we have had at Buddy, and after a couple hours of research we thought it would be of interest to share such treasured information. We scavenged the internet and looked at a couple prime sources of information to find our strains. Firstly, we checked Google Trends, which is a website that will tell you how the intensity of google searches for a specific word or phrase. We then used this to compare between similar strains to determine which one was more popular. Secondly, we scavenged cannabis website such as Leafly, Allbud and Wikileaf and compared how many reviews, comments and engagement certain strains would receive. And finally, we did a small survey between friends and strangers of what they believed to be the most world-renowned strain. After asking them to rate their "top 5" we took all this information, and compiled a list of what we believe to be the most famous marijuana strains of all-time.

Also, this is a list of the most famous strains, not the best strains of all-time, so don't go and only smoke strains you see from this list :) We will review the best strains soon!


  1. Gelato


Gelato is an Indica-leaning hybrid mostly known for its beautifully dark green “woody” nugs along with its tempting sweet aroma of fruit and lavender. This cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies has a satisfying high that is known to cue a state of relaxation, which invokes euphoria from the calmness that will be brought upon your body and mind. There may never be a more balanced and relaxing hybrid ever again.


  1. Pineapple Express


Pineapple Express is a well-balanced sativa that was popularized from its eponymously named movie “Pineapple Express” back in 2008. Since its release, the strain grew in popularity, but its quality does not necessarily back up its world-wide fame. Firstly, you will notice its small sized “popcorn buds” which only bring a pretty mild high relative to its low THC percentage. This strain is great for beginner tokers but we would not recommend it to any experienced ones.


  1. Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel is a strong sativa strain popularized from its invigorating high and gasoline-like smell. This diesel aroma will overtake your nose, but as you dive deeper, you will begin to find scents of sweet fruit, especially lemon, and will remind you of a fresh dewey forest. Aside from its world-renowned aroma, Sour D brings an energizing and euphoric high while emerging the creative side of your mind, helping to popularize Sour Deez such a solid sativa strain.


  1. Girl Scout Cookies


Girl Scout Cookies or GSC for short, is an Indica-dominant hybrid which rapidly grew in popularity in the early 2010’s due to its high THC percentage of 28%. Although this percentage is easily achievable now, when GSC was first introduced to the world, such a percentage was unheard of. Being a cross between the two immensely popular strains of OG Kush and Durban Poison helped to unearth this beast of a strain and the earthy and sweet smell that it possesses. 


  1. Blue Dream


Nobody knows what it means, or where the name comes from, but everybody knows about Blue Dream. The reason for its popularity? A lot less interesting than you may think, is due to its easy cultivation and large yield. Blue dream is also an amazing strain in terms of quality and has a relatively average THC percentage, which brings a balanced high for this sativa-leaning hybrid. Its high commences with a cerebral rush to increase energy and slowly transitions into an overpowering body stimulation that relieves any pain. These effects are accompanied by aromas of blueberry cheesecake and a sweet scent of fruit and flowers.


Honorable Mentions

OG Kush

Afghan Kush

Green Crack

Gorilla Glue

Jack Herer

Did we miss any?

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